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Dongguan YueTong Laser Co., Ltd.
ADD:Xia Tang Fang Industrial Road No. 1, WanJiang district, Dong Guang City, Guang Dong province
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Yuetong laser is a development and sales of laser equipment R & D, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the modern enterprise. Products are mainly used in many industrial applications in the field of electronic appliances, packaging, LED, machinery manufacturing, metal, plastic, clothing, leather goods, handicrafts, advertising, automobile and so on. Yuetong After years of technology accumulation and precipitation, convinced that the basis for the development of quality, technology-oriented assembly process. High-precision testing equipment and facilities, demanding strict testing standards, guaranteeing the quality and quality. For customers to create high-precision, high efficiency, high index, high stability of the product. At the same time we have a sound marketing and technical support system. Get the majority of well-known enterprises users.